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Caritas Central Asia Sub-Regional First Meeting in Ulaanbaatar

Based on the decisions made by Caritas Asia Regional Conference in March 2015 and common agreement between Executive Directors of Sub-Regions during the Caritas Internationalis General Assembly in Rome in May 2015, the First Central Asia Sub-Regional Workshop was held between 11 and 14 August in Ulaanbaatar. The workshop was organized by Caritas Mongolia under facilitation of both Caritas Asia and Caritas Internationalis.

Caritas Mongolia hosts Caritas Central Asia Sub-Regional Workshop

Upon the official decision from the Caritas Asia Regional Conference 2015, the Central Asia Sub Region was formed. It is comprised of Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.

Wildland fire spread over eastern regions

Only after a disaster of heavy snowfall in the western and central provinces of Mongolia, the eastern part of Mongolia is affected by a fast-spread wildland fire. The fire, which started by end of last month, has spread vigorously due to strong wind on 13th April 2015 in Khentii province and has moved to neighboring provinces Sukhbaatar and Dornod. The specialists say the wind speed has reached 28m/s, which is considered as disaster level.

Once more, Mongolia hit by a snowstorm

Between 1st and 4th of April a huge snowstorm happened, covering 9 Provinces in Mongolia: Arkhangai, Bayan-Ulgii, Bulgan, Dund-Gobi, Uvurkhangai, Selenge, Tuv, Uvs and Hentii. The National Emergency Management Agency organized rescue operations, deploying its local staffs in each Province and saved 135 people in 45 soums during the snowstorm.

Wildfire in Dornod province

A forest steppe fire broke out on last Tuesday (24 March)in Khulunbuirsoum of Dornod Province, covering more than 180,000 hectares (445,000 acres) of forest and steppeland in three soums of two different provinces.

Breaking NEWS from Bangkok

The 2015 Caritas Asia Regional Conference has started this morning, March 11. We have just learned the following decisions:

The Emergency Leadership Training

From March 09 to 11, Bangkok is getting ready to welcome The Emergency Leadership Training for Caritas Directors to be organized and facilitated by CRS.

Partnership between Caritas Mongolia and Caritas Japan

Partnership between Caritas Mongolia and Caritas Japan has been a long journey of mutual trust and support. The visit of both Fr. Anthony S. Irudayaraj and Ms.

Caritas Mongolia is happy to welcome its first visitors of 2015

Caritas Mongolia is happy to welcome its first visitors of 2015. Our long standing partner, Caritas Japan, represented by Ms Yoko Yokoyama and

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