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Энэ хуудсыг удаа үзсэн.

Wildfire in Dornod province

A forest steppe fire broke out on last Tuesday (24 March)in Khulunbuirsoum of Dornod Province, covering more than 180,000 hectares (445,000 acres) of forest and steppeland in three soums of two different provinces.

The local government contacted the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) seeking solutions and the Deputy Minister of Mongolia and Chief of State Special Commission, D.Terbishdagva gathered the NEMA managing board to issue swift orders. Twenty emergency management rescuers from a firefighting division were sent to fire’s focus by MI 171E helicopter. As a result of urgent measures taken by 368 rescuers with 37 vehicles, in a short time, a fire which was very close to reaching neighboring Matadsoum, was fully extinguished and prevented massive damage to both residents and the environment.

One person died and 2 others were injured, and 2 Gers /national shelter/ were destroyed by the fire. Over 700 people were deployed to extinguish the fire including emergency workers and the inhabitants. The situation was difficult. However the fire in Dornod was extinguished it spread to neighboring regions including petrol obtainer company site.As a result of joint force of more than another 700 people, the fire is fully extinguished now on 27th March. Due to low snowfall last winter the land is fire-prone the specialists say.

Resources: Daily Newspaper ‘OdriinSonin’ of 30 March 30, 2015 and UB Post newspaper:

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