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Энэ хуудсыг удаа үзсэн.

Wildland fire spread over eastern regions

                               Wildland fire spread over eastern regions 

Only after a disaster of heavy snowfall in the western and central provinces of Mongolia, the eastern part of Mongolia is affected by a fast-spread wildland fire.

The fire, which started by end of last month, has spread vigorously due to strong wind on 13th April 2015 in Khentii province and has moved to neighboring provinces Sukhbaatar and Dornod. The specialists say the wind speed has reached 28m/s, which is considered as disaster level. 

However the fire fighting actions are still being taken, it's not under control and spread over the eastern 3 provinces and moved to territory of China and caused a lot of losses. 

According to current statistics, many households lost their livestock yards and fences, 10 herder families lost their homes and yards, and around 200 livestock were burned in most affected area. 

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