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What we do

Though not excluding occasional individual assistance, CM work is a community based, rather than guided by an individual approach. This approach is based on sound development practices, cost effective with less administration costs, and on the principles of inclusiveness and participation. It recognizes the importance of family and community in a person’s life.

Caritas Mongolia has 6 main Programs:

  • Gender and Advocacy: CM engages every day on the issues that impact women and young girls in Mongolia: we fight to end domestic abuse and violence against women in all forms; we advocate for public attention to sexual violence; we teach young women –and men – to prevent dating abuse and develop healthy relationships; and we empower women with skills: sewing, knitting, cooking, vegetables cultivation to become self-supporting.
  • Social Reintegration: Through this program, CM works with some European partners for achieving the social and economic reintegration of Mongolians returning home after an unsuccessful stay in Europe. For these former exiles who have returned to their country of origin, CM proposes a whole set of programs from reception to accompaniment up to 6 months after arrival. The program is effective as “homecoming” is no longer a nightmare for most returnees trying to reintegrate.
  • Research and Development (R & D): The introduction in Mongolia, by Caritas Mongolia, of the Passive Solar Green Houses (PSGH), Trench Green Houses (TGH) and Bioclimatic Cellar, Water Management/Soil Conservation package has proven to be effective in extending the agricultural activities up to 9 months, contrary to the traditional greenhouses with only 3 months. Despite of this initial success, CM has put up an R&D Program to co-ordinate research and management with Academic Institutions and the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture (MIA). The program provides guidance in novel situations or where unusual issues occur, and to be able to select, evaluate and adapt new techniques to fit new circumstances in the field of Agriculture in Mongolia.
  • Food Security and Agriculture: CM’s Food Security and Agriculture programs enable small farmers to meet their household nutritional needs, expand production so they can integrate into the markets, financially provide for their families and cope more effectively during hardship. We partner with communities to achieve these goals through training, introduction of improved technology, organization into market scale cooperatives or associations and adoption of improved health practices that benefit nutrition. We strongly believe in sustainable market-based solutions that build resiliency among farming communities.
  • Capacity Building of Cooperatives:The project supports 42 rural cooperatives, in Gobi – Altai Province, through building their capacity in areas of cooperative and business development through training in management, business, and organic farming technology and also provides funding for the construction of passive solar greenhouses and agriculture small scale equipment based on the assessment of organizational capacity. The focus of the action is to ensure that relevant and high quality extension services are provided along the entire value chain of horticulture activities through improving the technical skills of the extension officers.
  • Emergency: Drought, Dzud, Flood, Strong snow storm & dust, Human, animal cattle infectious diseases, heavy rain, hail, lightning, effects of climate change, etc are some of the emergency situations that Mongolia faces quite regularly. Next to these, humanly caused disasters are to be added. Caritas responds practically to such humanitarian crises. CM saves lives, relieve suffering and help rebuild livelihood and communities in the long term. This commitment allows women and men in the poorest and most vulnerable communities to survive and recover from crises and to live in a safe and secure environment.

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